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    Faith to Produce Miracles

    by Dr. Brent C Satterfield

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    Near death experiences in recent years have described visions of men and women going forth on the earth with great power, healing the sick, creating portals to travel through time and space, accessing hidden knowledge, changing the properties of matter, extending the natural life-time, conversing with God and angels and many other mind-blowing gifts. Do these spiritual gifts have any basis in reality? Are any of these presently found upon the earth? And if so, what is the basis for the ability to have and exercise these types of gifts? Dr. Satterfield, a convert to Christianity, took a sabbatical from his career as a global health researcher and entrepreneur to study healing and other signs among those who exercise the consistent and intentional power to work miracles. He said, “As amazing as each of these gifts sounds, I have discovered and witnessed that many of these gifts are currently being taught in some capacity or another in different locations around the world. I felt God leading me forth just to witness these things, almost as a scientist recording data of which the rest of the world is still largely unaware. The beauty of being a scientist is that I don’t have to understand what is happening; I just have to faithfully record it. Then from a non-emotional place, I can try to understand what I have witnessed and make conjectures about how and why it works. More amazing still, is that I, a left-brained, doubting Thomas, have experienced an increase of these gifts as well.” He discovered that those who work miracles have a series of traits in common with each other regardless of their religious background. They have accessed a higher form of faith that connects to and uses power, above and beyond faith as a principle of action which is the lower, preparatory form of faith accessed in most world religions. This book teaches the principles on which the two levels of faith are based and also deeply explores the purification of the heart necessary to access the higher level of faith. “It is my hope that my descriptions of what has created the faith to produce miracles in the lives of others will be of benefit to you. I do not describe the miracles half so much as the faith itself and the techniques for developing that faith. If you want to read about miracles, there are plenty of books out there that discuss these. This book is for developing your faith so that you can have the changes of heart that lead to the experience of miracles. When you understand the foundations of faith as a principle of power and apply those foundations, the miracles will follow on their own.” He continues in another place, “Although your family line may not have been blessed with the gifts of healing others, conversing with angels, looking into the heavens or other gifts too numerous to count, each of these gifts can be acquired to the extent you are willing to allow healing take place at the deepest levels of the subconscious.” Dr. Satterfield asked, “How much time might we spend to learn those spiritual technologies to change the direction of the world itself? Who better to answer the call to learn these gifts than the Christians who await the return of Christ? But pray; get your own answer. Is this even possible for you? What would Christ have you to do with your life? Sit on the sidelines, or join the game? You decide.” Many of the sections and chapters also have suggested activities to help apply and understand the principles better. These suggestions will not only help you to improve your access to miracles through faith, but will help you feel more fully the salvation of Christ. “Salvation is a continuous process of awakening from the joys and perceptions of the heaven we had yesterday into the surprising and delicious expanse of a new and more glorious heaven of today where faith is the medium of our eternal progression. It is continual rebirth of understanding, constant growth. There is no end. There is no limit.”




















    Faith to Produce Miracles Dr. Brent C Satterfield

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